Ahh, sweet sweet dookie...

posted April 13, 2004 by Jenn


Alright, here's something that our oil-happy president can do to help solve our long term oil situtation WITHOUT pansying to OPEC or trying to tiptoe around the Middle East. And if his election officals and speechwriters are clever enough, he could even use this idea to distract the public from the faltering situation in Iraq. He can support this study, effort and idea to take what farm animals leave behind in various stages of existence and turn it into crude oil, the very stuff that seems to be in short supply. SUV drivers, large pickup drivers, motorized vehicle drivers in general, and homeowners, pay attention!!

In a nutshell, the University of Illinois has a process that takes manure and converts it into crude oil. Of course, it's still being tested and perfected and the finished, commercial result may be a while away, but it's actually possible! There's a facility in Missouri that's already taking turkey feathers, guts, grease and fat from a Butterball processing plant and turning it into light crude oil. This is a concept we need to push, develop and bring into being on a large scale.

This is a great concept for people serving all kinds of interests: wanna lower oil dependency on those 'heathen terrorists?' wanna give the farm industry a reason to keep their animals around and healthy? wanna keep 'the Man' from drilling in Alaska? wanna keep our reserves high?

Think MANURE!!!