I'm just talking...

posted April 12, 2004 by Jer


Man do I hate missing Anime Boston. I so totally need a con right now. It's getting harder to keep my focus, and cons are always a big jolt of creative energy.

Well, if I went to Boston, I would have missed Easter with my family. My dad acquired "The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" on DVD, and I had forgotten how beautiful that movie is. I have mentioned before my love for deliberate atrocities, and Killer Tomatoes is truly one of the greatest such.

I love Easter. I'm not religious, I hope anyone that reads this site knows that by now, but it delights me that such a blatant, delightful fertility festival has survived to this day masking itself as a religious holiday. In fact, I am of the opinion that Easter is a much better holiday to celebrate relationships than Valentine's Day. I mean, Valentine's Day has circulatory organs and naked, greek, infant archers with wings. What does Easter revolve around? Easter has bunnies and colored eggs: the most legendary sexually active mammal ever invented and the adoration of the purest symbol of fertility our culture knows. If you're in love, Easter is a far better time to celebrate it than that pitiful corporate invention of pink and red. As for those of you in my case, Easter is a much more meaningful and spiritual time to ask our ancestors - or god, if he is who you believe in - for help in finding a companion.

That's all for now. Cary on.