Second Life is becoming my first life

posted April 7, 2004 by Jeff


Lemme start by saying this, I don't play Video Games. The crew will tell you, Hell check my Bio. But, and this is a Big But, I am straight Addicted to a game Jer started me on called Second Life.

First off this is like no Game I've ever played. It is almost totally based in creativity and self expression. It's entire purpose is to create and have that which you create appriciated, and to enjoy a community of hundreds who live in this world. A Massivly Multiplayer, this is as closs to getting to screw about in the Matrix as I can imagine, only everyones Neo. The interface is easy to use, your own charachter is completely created by you and changeable at any point.

As a release, an escape if you will, this game is fantastic. Linden Labs has done a fantastic job creating a whole world you can interact with, no load zones, just wanderin free. Some of the creations built by the users are Amazing, from Chinese pagodas, to 4 story bongs, to whole shopping centers and casinos. There is literally no way you could run out of things to do, whether you chose to create for yourself or enjoy that which has been created. The charachter sponsored events are also a great part of the game, allowing you to join a community and make friends in this virtual world.

Imagine Dark City meets the sims meets Instant messanger. There is a 7 day free trial which I am still taking advantage of. The costs for subscription are also extremely low for an online game, with escalating prices for escalating advantages I plan on starting with the basic membership, which gets you in for life with a one time payment of about 10 bucks.

I highly recomend at least giving it a try I may open up a splurd shop inside. But I warn you, like the matrix, you may never escape once it has you.