About Backstage

posted November 12, 2002 by Jay


I have unfortunately been out of touch with Jeremy and Jenn for about a week (and even when we are in contact, it's very sparse) because of my school and rehearsl schedule.subliminal messageSEE WYRD SISTERS AT GMU NOVEMBER 22-24. TELL YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY AND TOTAL STRANGERS. SEE MEEEEEEE!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA. What I'm trying to say is that because of that and everyone elses busy schedule, Backstage has slacked and I officially apologize. So in the up and coming weeks I hope to be able to give to the collective thinking that is Studio Splurd.

And about that voting thing, the only reason I didn't vote is the fact that cars run on gas, you need money to buy gas, and I had no money to pay for the gas that would take me the hour drive to Front Royal to vote.(Jer and Josh are right about the whole disgrace that is the voting process anyway.)