Back to "Normal"

posted April 2, 2004 by Jenn


Well, as Jer said, the move is complete. My new apartment rocks. The move, though painful at times, went smoothly. The computer is finally back up with all peripherals and running. The only fly in the ointment was the fact that my DSL didn't transfer with me. I found out why and I'm told I should be DSLing again in about a week. Cool. Very cool.

If you're a Blah reader, you'll have noticed there was no update Wednesday or Thursday. You can blame the moving process for that. Since all is up and running again, Blah is up again. So, today there will be one and I'll post another on Saturday to make the usual three per week. And by the way, the BuzzComics ratings have reset for the month of April. Blah's got a ways to go to enjoy the Top 100 again, so go Vote! Vote once a day! Get all your freinds to Vote! (Click the icon in upper right hand part of the page) Let's see if we can get Blah into the Top 50 this month! If we do, I might have to do a special animation to reward YOU, the readers! Time will tell, yes?