Crisis of Splurd Averted

posted March 21, 2004 by Jer


Some of you are aware of the clash of the Splurdagumi that occurred a couple days ago. The rest of you arrived after it was deleted and just know there was a clash. I'm happy to announce everything has been resolved. We're all friends again, and our friendship was sealed with a solid four hours of Myself, Jenn, Seffinga and Jason playing Crystal Chronicles—which is an awesome, beautiful game to play, especially with good friends.

The events of the past few days have severely changed my attitudes regarding certain pastimes. I have gone abruptly from "tolerant of" to "radically opposed to." My animosity however, shall be focused quite attentively at the pastime itself, and not at the people who partake in it.

I mentioned before that I hate beating about the bush, but it's necessary right now. Those who need to know what I'm talking about already know. If you don't, please, just don't worry about it.

That's all. Please take note of my news post sign off, as I mean it quite sincerely.