Well ok....-_-

posted March 18, 2004 by Chris


Aside from all of us apparantly needing to get laid, I think that some chilling out is in order. I met Jer and Jay at a Magic tournament fucking forever ago (you realise it's been nearly 10 years?) and I'd like to think that some of that younger spirit still exists somewhere within the inner angst of post-college life.

I am however most pleased to be considered the Legolas of the group, however I must insist that I neither nance about nor do I fancy blowing upon the Horn of Gondor. *Please tell me that some of you have read the LotR Secret Diaries...*

That being said, perhaps some of you wonder just what it is that I do on here other than rant about the gov't or posting propaganda. Obviously I am an artist, but none of my art appears on this site. Why? B/c college sucks that's why. I sleep maybe 5 hours a night, regularly. The rest of my time is spent in class, at work or at home doing classwork. Or in the studio doing classwork. I'm barely getting by. Portfolio is breaking me, Ceramics is making me crack - it's only b/c of my Printmaking, Advanced Image Making and Horror Film classes that I am able to maintain any level of sanity.

I do intend on working on a comic, for the web. But I can't do it till I graduate. If I try to put anything else on my plate then I will fail. Period. I'm definetely wanting to do the Splurd house, I've been looking for a 4th roomate (to make things easier) and checking out places to live - but that all depends on me finding a job. I am not going to commit myself to a rent w/o a steady full-time job. If people are depending on me to pay my share then I need to be capable of paying it.

So pray that the economy stops sucking in the next two months so that Xrys can start a career and move into civilization with her fellow artists.