Delay on The Elves of Iax site

posted November 11, 2002 by Jer


Two quick news bits.

"The Elves of Iax" site is done, but I am not putting up just yet. The reason is I mentioned a few people in the project description, and I want to make sure what I said about them is correct.

Also, all of you who read Backstage know that it has been a little dead, due to my preparation for Neko-Con. After being invited to the Web-Comics panel at Neko-Con, I have been reminded to take Backstage just a little more seriously. Jenn, Jay, and I are going to work on posting two Backstages a week. If we can get organized, it will be a mon/wed/fri comic.

It'll be a slow start though, because all my bristol board was IN MY BAG!