Not Really News...

posted March 14, 2004 by Jer


This post is just focused at any of my friends who are going to Otakon with me. This is just the best way to make sure you guys all see this.

Okay, those of you who are going to Otakon, can you try to get $35 to me by the end of this month so we can get the cheapest tickets? ($35 is the cost of a group-rate three-day ticket before March 31st. At the door for Saturday only is $40, so this is still the cheapest. All the prices are here)

The 10 person group would be (1)Me, (2)Jenn, (3)Jason, (4)Josh, (5)Seffinga, (6)Jeff, (7)Xrys, (8)Becky, (9)Courtney and (10)Mike. If any of the people listed can't do the group, or anyone I didn't list wants in, let me know ASAP.

Update: I forget Jeff. Yes, Jeff, you are invited. We need someone at the table to make fun of people's homestar-runner merchandise and mispronounce Otakon, after all.

Other Update: I will forever pronounce it "ah-toh-kon." If you feel like pronouncing it "oh-tah-kon" makes you better than me, then enjoy the feeling and don't pester me. This is America, I pay my taxes, it's "ah-toh-kon."