Neko-Con 2002 at Virginia Beach

posted November 11, 2002 by Jer


Hello everyone! Jenn, Chris and I have just returned from Neko-Con 2002, a Japanese comics and animation convention in Virginia Beach. We arrived with a slew of Splurd T-shirts to give away and a bunch of art to sell. We return now with the best adventure we've had in years.

For now, I'm just posting a summary of the events. Check in Monday or Tuesday for in-depth details, and a list of props I need to shout out to all my new fans and Faans.

List of cool stuff that happened at Neko-Con 2002 (summary)

...but thats not all! As an added bonus, I give you the STEVE BENNETT REPORT!!

Number of times Steve Bennett said I was cool. 2
Number of times an Iron Cat fan stole my chair. 5
Number of times a blatantly pornographic illustration was sitting out on Steve's table. (that I noticed) 4
Number of times Steve stepped on my foot and didn't notice. 1
Number of times Steve almost knocked stuff off the Studio Splurd table.1
Number of times Jenn and I were interviewed about anime art culture. 1
Number of times Steve Bennett was interviewed about anime art culture. 0
Number of T-shirts I gave Mrs. Bennett. 1
Number of T-shirts Mrs. Bennett says she has gotten from Steve. 0

That's all for now, but more to come soon, folks! Including my links to cool stuff!