Game Over - Some New Show on UPN

posted March 11, 2004 by Jer


I figure anyone reading my site also reads Penny Arcade regularly, but I like to pretend I'm important so I'm helping to spread the word on this. That and I can relate to having an unconventional idea for a story that relies heavily on word-of-mouth to become popular.

There's a show on UPN tonight at 8:00PM called Game Over*. It's a 3D-Animated cartoon about a family of off-the-clock video game characters. The dad—voiced by Patrick Warburton—is a race-car driver who married a Laura-Croft knock-off, voiced by Lucy Lui. As I understand it, they have two kids. The younger brother (E.G. Daily) is an underaged white yo-boy punk, and the older sister (Rachel Dratch) appears to be a rip on Kim-Possible. There's also some kind of family pet that looks to be a cross between Marmaduke and Denis Leary.

I haven't seen this mess yet, seeing as how I'm no-one important and it's not 8:00PM Thursday Night yet, but I'm going to see if I can get myself to a working TV for this. If I miss it, could someone out there tell me if it sucked or not? I'm honestly curious.

*side note: good god, did Gabe and Tycho wang the site for a TV Show? Daaaaamn they's powerful.

Update: The show wasn't Thursday night at 8:00, it was Wednesday night. My bad. My brother said it was great due to a lot of obscure video game references. They're showing it again Friday night, but I don't know what time. I'm guessing 8:00, but don't quote me.