Operation: Make Jenn Famous

posted March 5, 2004 by Jer


VOTE FOR JENN! We added Blah! to Buzz Comics' vote-y thing.

I didn't add Backstage cuz I feel it is not good enough, funny enough, universal enough or frequent enough to really compete against other web comics. Blah, on the other hand, is hilarious. So join me in operation Make Jenn Famous. VOTE! VOTE NOW! VOTE TOMORROW! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

The Details: we need about 30 votes a day to get on the top 100, and 900 votes to get on the top 10. There's about 1,500 of you out there reading Splurd stuff, so it would take 60% of you to put Jenn on the top 10. In other words, Vote! Seriously! I'm talking to you!

UPDATE: We're up to 12 already! 24 more and BLAH makes the top 100 in the first day! GO GO GO!