We Don't Exist

posted February 27, 2004 by Jer


I love this thing that Gabe is always using to brag about how huge Penny Arcade is.

See that? It shows your rank as far as most-visited site. Number 1, 2, and 3 are Yahoo, MSN and Google. You'll notice that Studio Splurd's line doesn't even show up. That's cuz we aren't even in the top 100,000. With you, are measly 1,500 or so fans, we barely even exist in the great scheme of things. At time of writing, we are number 484,340. I know that cuz I put the JavaScript to tell me that on our news-posting page.

Hey, for a guy who doesn't exist yet, I sure have an ego, don't you think? I love my ego, it gets me great jobs. The most important trick to getting a good job is convincing yourself you are the hottest shit to hit the earth. Somehow, it makes it much easier to convince a potential employer the same thing. Same thing goes for the ladies, believe it or not, but for some reason I feel the need to be HONEST when I try to meet girls. No wonder I'm single most of the time.