This week...

posted February 23, 2004 by Jay


Backstage makes me laugh. And personally, I don't see why Jer is getting so worked up over Nader. Bush IS going to win no matter what happens simply because Democrats haven't been able to get their shit together since 2000. As for the revolution, at the moment, the unwashed masses simply do not have the correct motivation either physically, mentally, or emotionally to stage such a coup.

Even if they did, what kind of government would we set up? Certainly not democracy because we've already proved that it only attracts the best liars. Socialism is out of the question because we all saw what happend to Mother Russia over the course of a century. China seems to be doing okay eventaully they will run themselves into the ground when they make THEIR big move to take over the world. Monarchy? Feh. Our only reasonable alternative is a benevolent dictator, but when was the last time we've had one of those lying around?

So for the time being, just grin and bear it.