posted February 23, 2004 by Chris


I'm pissed too Jer - but you know what? Maybe the Democrats deserve to lose again; maybe then they'll figure out that they need more canidates like Dean rather than slimeballs like Kerry. Maybe another 4 years of incompetance will teach them a lesson. Maybe that will finally bring about change.

Besides, Kerry hates gays too - so no matter what, a constitutonal ammendment is probably gonna go through. And that's all I really care about right now. B/c we'll have to stay in Iraq, the economy will still suck (b/c once again the Republicans have stuck the nation with a huge bill), but I'll still be able to get my double latte at Starbucks and watch reality tv. We'll still be manipulated by the media, and lied to by the government, and our rights will still be stripped one by one. Except for owning guns, which is a good thing b/c I sure as hell don't trust the government.....