Katsucon Pictures and people named Mookie

posted February 22, 2004 by Jer


I need to decide on a permanent place to link the pictures too. They don't really seem to fit anywhere the way I organized this site.

Oh yeah, Xrys, you can post about whatever the hell you want. That whole review thing never really worked anyway. The news posts are a group blog, nothing more. Time for me to accept the facts and move on.

Hey, Mookie! If you're out there, this is what I thought when I read your comic for Saturday. Things are gonna get really good soon.

For those of you who have been motivating me, yes, I am working on Elves of Iax. I've got about six pages of a ten-page comic drawn. Go me! This of course leaves 4 more pages of pencils, then the subsequent inking and coloring of all ten pages, and this is just the intro. Still think I can get the real thing polished off by August? I can do it. Just watch me.