Metro.pop - not just another fashion magazine.

posted February 19, 2004 by Chris


Metro.pop is the only "fashion" magazine that you will ever see me purchase. I first stumbled on this magazine nearly a year ago, while bored and browsing through the magazine shelves at Books-a-Million. It wasn't in the fashion section (though sometimes it is), but in the entertainment section.
So what stuck out at me? Same thing that sticks out to every graphic designer. The design. Oh my G-d, this magazine has it goin on. This is some of the best cutting edge, young and innovative design that I've ever seen. Every issue features not only damn good designer (limited edition) clothing (which I never, ever thought I'd be into), but advertising that you actually_want_to_read.

The first issue that I bought was the special "illustrated" issue - where nearly all of the ads, and feature stories had illustrations of the clothing and shoes, electronic gadgets, etc instead of your standard photos. The illustrations were kick ass and just damn cool! I've never seen an ad for clothing where the clothing and model was an illustration! It's always a photo.

The writing of the articles (not centered entirely around clothing) is well done, informative and in step with my generation. This is very much a culture specific magazine. The kind of urban culture that springs up around the hip and mobile (jesus I can't believe I just wrote that).

This is the kind of design that I want to do. I had despaired of finding an industry niche that would fit me - but here it is. There are some good studios to check out in here, many of the clothing manufacturers have websites - though some are exclusive to their boutiques (like two in the whole world), or only sale to whole-sellers.

So check them out, they have a website, and the magazine is quarterly. The magazine usually comes with stickers and stuff (like 3-d glasses for this bad ass spread of 4 ads that were illustrated using the old 3-d technique) and it's not too ungodly priced. Obviously I highly recommend it, so pick up a copy!