Sweet, sweet wedding album...

posted February 19, 2004 by Chris


San Fran rules.

Ok, ok - I know. I really should be posting reviews and stuff...but this is news. More important than Janet's titty, not as disapointing as Kerry vs Bush, and just as pivotal in our Nation's history as Women's Sufferage, and the Civil Rights movement.

So take a look at hundreds of loving, dedicated, joyous, and beautiful couples celebrating their hopefully not short lived freedom to marry. Any person that can look at these images of love and still cling to their irrational hate and intolerance - does not know the meaning of love or freedom - and maybe they should lose both, to know and possibly understand what it's like to live with a life-partner for 50 years and never have the chance to celebrate that life together in front of friends and family in a legal, socially recognised way.