Capitalism is Not a System of Government

posted November 6, 2002 by Jer


Yet another election, yet another farce of the political process. According to National Public Radio, many young people don't even vote, because they are so disassociated with politics that they feel there is nothing in it for them. Even I, right now, don't care about any of the issues that these clowns obsess over. I want the environment fixed, and our problems with 'evil' nations to be resolved peacefully. There is no language anywhere in the three branches of our government about either.

I heard an interesting essay on National Public Radio, and its really had me thinking. Apparently, in most other democratic nations, the TV stations give free air time to all candidates for debates. Not in the birthplace of modern democracy though, no, here in the United States, if you want to be on TV, you have to pay for it. If you're going to pay for it, you either need to be rich, or get lots of money from people who want lots of favors later. It is physically impossible for an impoverished citizen of the united states to achieve political office. Now for the sad part: our government is based on representation of the population, and currently, only the rich are represented. Also, the legislative branch is not meant to be a career. A legislator is meant to part with her job to represent her region, then return home to her life and career once their representation is over. A citizen is meant to represent their community out of desire to represent, not desire for money. We don't live in a democratic nation, the United States is a capitalist nation.

An economic system can not be used as a system of government. When money is the core factor in governing, the world is governed by the rich and powerful. Anyone who even slept through middle school civics knows that that is not what this country was built on.

We need free air time for candidates debates before every election, and we need term limits on House and Senate. We need to become a democracy again.