It's about time.

posted February 13, 2004 by Jeff


I don't know whos reading this, and you don't know me. But I'm under the impression that your all pretty smart, after all your at splurd.

I don't pretend to know exactly whats going on in this country, but I have a feeling that there are events taking place that will bring about a world of trouble for ourselves and our children. America has been misled, whether through intentional efforts or honest mistakes. Our secular government is being swayed by the religions of select groups, those who have are getting more and more every day, and the have nots are being swept aside, lies are sending men and women to a mistimed war in a far away place, and our countries children are being forgotten.

I am a young man grown tired. I am tired of the privelaged deciding the rules by which to govern my life. The problem with privelage is that it literally means private law, and that is exactly how it works. Those men who are currently in office have manipulated us all, played us for fools. We aren't fools, and we won't be played. This is America, and in America the Law applies to every man woman and child no matter how big a bank account they have, or at least thats how it should be.

We have a president who is debatably not the brightest bulb in the box. He can talk and talk, but for the life of him he can't say "sorry" or "nuclear". 40 percent of his supporters are members of the religious right, last time I checked its not 1810.

To start doin shit right, we've got to stop doin shit wrong, here's a list. We need to stop large corporations from exporting jobs , we need to stop this religious right from deciding the fate of others, we need to stop spending immense amounts of money on a recockulous drug war, we need to stop rewarding people for being sneaky shits by giving them high offices, we need to stop giving the rich more rights than the poor, we need to stop telling people they are wrong and shouldn't be given rights just because they are different, We need to stop being so damn arrogant. Americans are, in general under-educated shit heads with the political savvy of mashed potatos and the worldview of Amish Quadrapalegics. We are a part of the world, not its leader. We don't get to make it's decisions because most of us are daft mooks. So lets not continue with this holier than thou deal. It's gonna screw us in the end.

I don't give a shit who gets elected in 04. They all look like liars to me, rich and privelaged white men with too much to gain. People who want power, probably shouldn't have it. This rant isn't to tell you who to elect. I just hope your all asking the same questions I am. This is a very important time in our history, and to sit back and relax would be the greatest crime. In the next year we will chose a new leader, to be honest, it probably doesn't matter who, the spectrum goes from grey to slightly lighter grey. As a comedian once said, we don't have two political parties, we have identical cousins played by Patty Duke and Patty Duke.

What matters is that our genertion, the young disenfranchised, rise up for what we believe in. No more brush offs, no more quick and pretty paint splashed over real problems. Freedom is being challenged, old glory is being slowly taken down and replaced with a big dollar bill waving in the wind. We stand at a cross roads. One road takes us safely down the path of the led, the sheep, to bow to the will of greater men. The other takes every American to a place where each voice can make a differance, and stagnation has no place in our nation, a land where lies have no chance against the truth, because each citizen makes it their personal duty to help guide America. Times running out, soon enough this will have gone too far, soon enough choice won't be an issue. As the Rage once said, Who controls the present now, controls the past, who controls the past now, controls the future. We aren't impotent in the affairs of our nation. Our voice, quiet up till now, can speak with the strength of millions. The privelaged aren't gods, they are men. Someone once said that the power of a government is limited by the patience of the people. To be honest, I'm starting to get impatient.