Katsucon 2004

posted February 13, 2004 by Jer



I am in a good mood. Despite the administrative screwups and the avacado-sized balls the had when setting the prices, Katsucon is gearing up to be a really good time.

The DID in fact bone us out of an artist's table, but they redeemed themselves by setting one up for us. We're down past the ass-end of nowhere, but we ARE THERE. I'm taping up signs that say "FREE DEMI" so we will be found.

The best part about cons is I never realize just how many cool people I meet until I meet them again. Much props to go out later, but for now I have one special one. We were without a table for most of the day, but miss Sawicki of Smeared Black Ink was kind enough to let me bum half of her table until the Katsu-Staff got us sorted out. Please check her work out, it's pretty nice.

More news tomorrow folks! AND THIS TIME I'M TAKING PICTURES!!