In Defense of Sprite Comics

posted February 6, 2004 by Jer


I have stated before that I love all web comics. While this sentiment continues to be tested, it also continues to hold true.

There's a new gentlemen in the forums who goes by the name of "Uziel." I was reading the comics on Uziel's page, which are all megaman sprite comics. God only knows how much hate has been written regarding sprite comics, but I still find myself mesmerized by them. Very much like crayon drawings, really.

I guess it's a step up from my previous stance on sprite comics. In a way, I sorta respect anyone who takes it up. After Bob and George and 8-Bit Theater, the best any sprite comic can hope to do is respond to them, much the way every post-"Dark Knight" Batman comic must respond to "Dark Knight." Despite this fact, many brave men and women like Uziel create sprite comics anyway, for no better reason than they want to or they enjoy it.

In the very least, Sprite Comic artists are having more fun than the people who hate sprite comics.