Ten Strip Comics

posted February 1, 2004 by Jer


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Studio Splurd's Ten Strip Comics. "Ten Strip Comics" are where we go fishing in the thousands upon thousands of ideas we come up with as a crew that we never do anything with, then make a web comic out of one of them that lasts for exactly ten strips. You may have noticed that the only ones that draw comics at Studio Splurd are myself and Jenn. What a casual reader wouldn't notice is that Xrys, Big Josh, and Jeff are all artists, and Jason and Seffinga are writers, but (mostly thanks to college) they have never gotten started creating content for Splurd. I'm hoping this new outlet will change that, but we'll have to see.

Ten Strip Comics are posted all at once. Some of them may lead to regular webcomics, some of them might become comic books once we pop our proverbial publishing cherry. However, most will pretty much just be themselves in all their ten-strip glory.

To kick of Ten Strip Comics, my sister Becky and I spent the weekend creating this marvelous little atrocity called Some Shit About Dinosaurs. Those of you with a good eye might have seen a poster for SSAD in this backstage. That tiny poster got more response than the comic itself, especially from my sister. So within an hour of joking about it, we had come up with the concept of a short-run comic with Sock Puppets. With Becky's deft sewing skills, and my ninja-like skills with and approxim-o knife, we bring you Studio Splurd's very first Ten-Strip comic, Some Shit About Dinosaurs. Enjoy.

Oh yeah, one other thing. You may notice I took down G.L. Jeff's comic "Bear." This is because he never updated it. Jeff, I'll put it back up as a Ten Strip Comic when you actually get ten strips finished.