The Elves of Iax site to launch November 8th, 2002.

posted October 30, 2002 by Jer


A lot of web comic artists feel the necessity to apologize for lack of updates and explain why they have abandoned their audience. I do wish more of them would show a little faith and confidence in their readership. Personally, I only update my newspost when I feel I have something to say, and I only draw Backstage when I have an idea for something funny, though it is true my attentions have been otherwise focused.

Backstage is a comic we all do for fun. The ideas all come from a small black sketchbook we like to call "The Book of Death." The book of death started back when Jenn and I were studying at Virginia Commonwealth University. It is a communal sketch book. If anyone has an idea, they sketch it in the Book of Death. It is from the pages of the first Book of Death that the whole idea for The Splurd was first created. We are now up to Book of Death number 4. Backstage is a project I started to put the Book of Death gags that were not inside jokes up for people to enjoy. As an added bonus, it's been great drawing practice for my other projects, which I have been spending much more time on.

With NekoCon coming up in a little over a week, I have been working nonstop to build a section of Splurd dedicated to my favorite project, The Elves of Iax. The characters Jay and Jer in Backstage are actually Tren and Py from The Elves of Iax - the two of then conveniently represent Jason and Myself. For those of you that had been wondering, this is why the Jer character has pointed ears.

The Elves of Iax has never been a web-toon, though it almost was. The main reason was my Dad. He had pointed out to me that I had something really cool going, and putting it online may risk my ideas being stolen. I took this advice with a grain of salt at the time, but if you ever take the time to watch kids cartoons lately, its kind of creepy how similar some of the plot lines are to web-comic plot lines.

All in all though, The Elves of Iax is very important to me. I have put seven years of my life into developing my story, characters, and rough drafts. I'm really proud of what I have. I want to make it into something great. It is going to take a lot of work.

I make my living working for a publishing company called The Magazine Group, and I recently talked to my boss about publishing The Elves of Iax. He told me that he would like to see that there is a market for my comic. If I can show that there is, then The Elves of Iax will be published. To this end, I will be launching The Elves of Iax web page on November 8th, to correspond with NekoCon. I invite all of you to visit us right here on November 8th and learn about The Elves of Iax.