Oracle for Hire

posted January 22, 2004 by Jer


The following is a shout-out to Michael Terracciano: Thank you for cheering me up.

As one can tell from the newspost that precedes this one, I have been feeling like crap lately. Fortunately, I am currently working a job with a computer once again, which means I can once again immerse myself in web-comics. I was going down the SplurdLink list and catching up with all my favorites when I remembered encountering Michael's crew at Anime USA. So I looked up his comic, Dominic Deegan, Oracle for Hire. It also didn't hurt that Jenn has added it to her list of "check-daily"s.

Dominic Deegan is just... good. Nice fantasy setting, but not so deep you fall in. The characters are wonderful, the chemistry between them is actually moving at times. To top it off, Terracciano really knows how to tell a joke. He knows what I know - what I learned from Andy Kaufman - that the most important key to humor is the precise amount of SILENCE.

Here's a rundown. I was in love with the comic the moment the fish fell. When the fish fell, I knew I was going to read the whole series by the end of the day. I laughed, and as I mentioned before, I really needed to. The fish was just bloody simplistic genius. The puns hurt, but their a good hurt. There was even one moment in the storyline when I cheered. (The strip for August 8th, 2003, and the 5 strips following to be exact.)

Not only has Dominic Deegan reminded me why I love web-comics so much, it has also made it to my short list of web-comics I wish were printed on paper. Read it, love it, dig it.