Good god. I can break dance.

posted October 26, 2002 by Jer


It takes a great deal of chutzpah (or alcohol) to attempt to breakdance at a crowded dance club like Platinum. It takes SMOOTH to succeed. Based on the cheers and applause from the circle of people that surrounded me tonight, I feel it is safe to assume I succeeded. GOD I love Capoeira Angola.

This whole ordeal started because I needed to go dancing tonight. I haven't had time to go to Capoeira class in a month, and I needed to go someplace I could just move a lot. Now, Platinum isn't really my favorite dance club. It's a really nice place, but its got a pretty consistent tobacco atmosphere, and I have a hard time drawing attention to myself (which to me is the point to dancing).

Well, there's a crowd of heavily inebriated white people being quite smooth with glow sticks. I always thought they were kinda corny, but I decided I couldn't possibly look worse then the guys that just stood there perfectly still clutching their glow sticks with the crazed fear of everybody watching them. So I buy a couple and start playing around with em. For the most part, I just wave em around and shit, nothing fancy, kinda boring, and I certainly couldn't steal the show from the guys that practice that shit every weekend. I needed some innovation. So I stick the suckers in my shoe laces.

That was a good idea.

Thanks to a few months of Capoeira Angola and a lifetime of being hyperactive, I can move my feet quite smoothly. When the aforementioned guys who were totally smooth with the glow sticks stopped to watch me, my ego and I knew it was our night.

So we all start playing. A little circle forms, and we take turns showing off what we can do. Then it was my turn. Ok... by this point a couple of people have actually come up to me to tell me I'm a really good dancer. It was time to take a couple of chances and see what happens.

Thus, I discovered I can get people to cheer for me by doing some Capoeira with glow sticks in my shoes.

To everyone who was at Platinum this Friday night, my ego and I thank you. You were a lovely audience.