Re: Jeff

posted January 14, 2004 by Jer


Confession time. I really enjoy picking on Jeff.

A good deal of this is because Jeff is a lot like me. We're both artists, we both suffered a great deal of abuse in grade school, and we both learned to deal with it in our own personal ways.

Now, after escaping grade school, I encountered Jenn and a man called Brian Pud. Brian was a friend, but I really didn't like him much. There was a great deal of "friendly" verbal and comical abuse administered by me to him. Two of Jenn's and my favorite pastimes were games like "Steal Brian's Hat," where we would steal Brian's hat, and "Duck Ball" where we would run around campus throwing DUCK at each other (mostly Brian) as hard as we could. I never really felt like I was hurting him, as we were friends, but the fact that the abuse was so one sided made me feel guilty, and reminded me of all the abuse I took in grade school. There don't seem to be any hard feelings, as Brian is currently a regular in the Splurd forums under the name "Pud."

However, I graduated, returned to Northern VA, and was introduced by Jason and Big Josh to the man known as G.L.Jeff. Here was a man who was louder than me, yet complained that I spoke with too much volume. A war began.

Jeff is cool, and a good friend. He has the worlds worst case of Shiny Object Syndrome, and I often think of him as a high powered sports car with a nitrous engine that someone has welded into nurtral. The reason I enjoy picking on Jeff so much is that for the first time, it's NOT one sided. Jeff fights back. I mock, he mocks, and it is almost always friendly. (Ignore the New Years Day newsposts). The day I knew this was the case was the day I drew This Cartoon, and not 5 minutes after updating it Jeff called to say to me the words "You Absolute Pigfucker! That's Hilarious!"