posted January 8, 2004 by Jeff


Here at splurd we have frequented the question "what is the secret to the perfect turkey sandwich. The delicate balance between freshness, quality and design has kept us up many a night with this oh so important question. I have found the answer. Like those brave scientists who laughed in the face of the bohr model of the atom, like those intrepid engineers who looked at the plans for the intrnational space station and giggled because everyone knows you just cant build an interlocking vacuum system wholly supported by air resistance in space. Like those guys, I decided to experiment with the road less traveled. I began from scratch. First the essentials, all that makes the most basic turkey sandwich, turkey and bread. The turkey, i shredded from whole roast, avoiding the slimyness of deli slices. But it was very dry, so i added mayonaise, simple but direct. Still it was missing something. I raided the fridge, on a whim I added stuffing, an after christmas delight. for the bread, a hogie roll fresh from phillie, and finally some cranberry sauce for sweetness. Proportions are as follows, 3parts cold dry shredded turkey, 2 parts stuffing, 1 part mayo, 1/2 part whole cranberry sauce, all on a 16 inch hoagie roll. Alltogether this was the greatest sandwich ever made. Make it, Eat it, Love it.