The time for covert is over. Now is the time for ops.

posted January 4, 2004 by Jer


FINALLY SOME GOOD NEWS! First off some back story. One: I've been working on getting into graduate school. Two: My mom is a fanatic about United air-miles credit cards.

Now then, I need to get my application to California Institute of Art by tomorrow. The application needs to include my transcripts which I must acquire from my undergrad school, VCU. To accomplish this, I am going to be doing some serious ops. Best part is, it's not a covert ops, so I can tell you all the details. It's Neat.

My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to first go down to Richmond tonight and crash at a hotel. I shall then wake up at the crack of dawn, grab my sealed transcripts from VCU and beat tail up to Dullus Airport, where my mom has used her mad squirrel-stash of air miles to set me up with a flight to Los Angeles! (DIG IT!!!) Once there, I will commandeer some transportation to San Fernando Valley, where I will deliver my application in person and subsequently chill out in Southern California. In the mean time, Jenn has kindly offered to take care of Backstage this week. Thank you much, Jenn.

This operation will require pinpoint timing, rekless chutzpah, and a lot of divine intervention. Since I'm not religious, and I believe in people more than I believe in god, I say this with full sincerity from the bottom of my heart...