The End

posted December 29, 2003 by Jer


Why do we hope? Why do we as human beings ever spend time believing that things can turn out happily ever after? Why do those of us who still have hope have to be belittled by those who have lost it?

My girlfriend Lisa broke up with me today. Much as I want to tell you all the reasons, my good friend Xrys has advised quite wisely against it. Suffice to say, I felt the reasons for our breakup were shallow and petty, and Lisa did not.

I really, truly loved Lisa. Maybe even stupidly. Right now, it hurts beyond words, but I still have hope. Hope that either things will get patched up between myself and Lisa, or that this breakup will lead me, somehow, to an even greater love.

I can't see that now, of course. All I can see is how I was hurt, and how unfair the case against me was presented.

I can't give up hope though.

I can't.