Funeral for a Friend

posted December 27, 2003 by Jeff


Recently I spoke of a journey, one that I am embarking on soon. Though many will come with me, one has a journey all his own. Last night between 5 and 7 am, I lost a friend, not a human friend, don't worry yet. He was my rat. The greatest pet I've ever had. Dangerous Beans died of pneumonia on this December 27 2003. Some of you knew him. He was a brave and friendly rat, who never met a cheerio he didn't like. He was my friend, and this is his final farewell. Godspeed Beans, godspeed.

Old Irish ballad

The priest has said there's nothin for him ask the Sidhe for to do. The woman stared the fallen fighter, her voice it broke the mourning wails. Rub him up and down eighteen times with an old cats feather and an old womans bleather, and if that doesn't cure him, the devil may cure him. Rise up dead man and fight again.