With a fizzle instead of a bang...

posted December 21, 2003 by Jer


Ladies and Gentlemen, Studio Splurd now has a store. I really, truly wish I could present it with some fanfare, but between failing to get any work done on Elves of Iax, failing to get an application to Grad School finished, failing to work on that Cardboard Tube Samurai thing I started, and failing to find a steady source of income, I'm kinda wiped out.

While I mostly blame the lack of promotion as of late, we have yet to have our first customer. If you, dear reader, would be so kind as to take the opportunity to be the first to buy something from us, I would greatly appreciate it. I'll definitely be drawing a thank-you card for our first official customer. There is a pretty good chance the next few customers after the first will get a card as well. I really like having fans.

While I don't expect to make a living off of The Store just yet, it has been educational, as it is my first shot at E-Commerce. If any of you artist/programmer folks are working on a similar project, I'd be happy to answer questions on what I learned. It's a complicated and confusing process, and if any of you out there need some help, I'd be happy to lend a hand.

...However, if you need more than just a hand, I am for hire. Please drop me a Line at jer at splurd dot com.

Good Smeagol always helps.