Return of the King

posted December 17, 2003 by Chris


Since Jeff is apparantly unable to speak after the midnight showing then I'll say this:
If you're reading this, then I shouldn't have to tell you to go see it. But I will. Go - tonight, and tomorrow, and see it again on Friday and then wait a year for the extended version to come out b/c as amazingly awesome as this movie is the extended version will be ten times better (which is hard to imagine)

The special effects put Lucas to shame, and the actors have done an incredible/amazing/spectacular job (well except maybe Orlando Bloom, but he just has to look pretty). I smell Oscars and Academy Awards - if the powers that be start taking fantasy more seriously that is. Overall a very powerful movie, and there are a lot of underlying themes here that the viewer should look for.

This movie is everything that defines Tolkien's genius and I suppose some purists would have a problem with me saying that - but they're banal and I'm not. So *nyeh*!