In case you HAVEN'T heard...

posted December 14, 2003 by Jenn


I'm just finding this out, but it would appear that Saddam Hussein is offically caught and in US custody. This comes according to CNN, Mainichi Daily News (Japan), NPR and MSNBC. I couldn't find a story on it from the BBC as of right now. Either way, with this many varied news sources reporting it, it's either true or a VERY well done hoax. I'm going to put my coin on "True" for now.

Well, it's about time! It's like an early Xmas/Yule/Hannukah (or apply your own holiday) gift for everybody hoping he'd be caught at all. What a great coincidence! Yes, how very convenient.

Ah well, the poor schmuck is in 'infidel' hands now and there's nothing he alone can do about it. Mwa ha ha! And if this is what was needed to make things better psychologically for the Iraqi people, then Woo-Pah!!! for them. No one likes to live their lives looking over their shoulders all the time.

No matter what happens to Saddam now, I think he's already gotten the worst punishment that a dictator like him could ever receive. He was kicked out of power then had to watch as his empire fell apart piece by piece. He saw the people he ruled oppose him in whatever way they could and knew he couldn't have them punished. He had to watch his statues, his posters, pictures and paintings be defiled and destroyed by soldiers and his own people. He watched his sons get killed. He watched his wealth vanish and his possesions get overrun, taken or ruined. And finally, he was captured, without much resistance and without a single shot being fired. He lived to see all of this happen and I think that's going to take more of a toll on him, mentally, spiritually and physically, than any trial or tribunal the world can drag him through.

Happy Holidays, Saddam.