Comics for X-Mas 2003

posted December 10, 2003 by Jeff


Well we're all fiends here for fun visual stimulation in the form of, as the French say "Le Comic". So I have a few of my own X-mas musts for every kiddies wish list. First off is the new release Plastic Man #1 written by Kyle Baker; art and cover by Baker as well. His quirky imagery and style is perfect for the most eclectic and psychotic of DC heroes.

Next is a new marvel entry ,the Ultimates line(starting at issue 1 is suggested but not nessecary to maintain extreme coolness), my new personal favorite comic du jur, this Badass re-writing of the old avengers comics rocks my world. Nick Fury is Samuel L Jackson and Tony Stark drinks like Courtney Love on a bad day, how freaking cool is that.

Alas, I love a good alternate reality and Gaiman is the best of the best. His 1602, Is frankly the shiznet, there are at least sixteen hundred and two good thangs aboot it.

And finally as a sweeet stocking stuffer, not to guild Gaimans lily, but I suggest last years childrens book Coraline, a creeptastic romp in Neils twisted mind, it'll make most kids have nightmares for weeks, how friggen sweet is that. Damn kids.