Comics for X-Mas 2003

posted December 7, 2003 by Josh


I know that I have not posted much in a while, but I am here to tell all you little shits out there what to bug your parents and jolly old St. Nick to get your asses for Christmas.

Here is what should be on your list this year:
1.Mythology: The DC Comics Art of Alex Ross-This should be essential to any up and coming artist and also would be artist so that at least you can lie to your comic book pals and pretend like you know good artist. Fucking hacks!
2.The Dark Knight Returns-After it being re-released in hardback it is the only way to go if you dont already own this fine piece of literature.
3.Endless Night-It is Sandman and Neil Gaiman NEED I SAY MORE.

And that is all that you will be required to ask for from your parents and remember if they ask any questions about who told you this I will SNICKERPIMP them in a heartbeat and I will stand laughing as you are crying over your dead parents. God I love creating super heroes.