Comics for X-Mas 2003

posted December 6, 2003 by Jer


Well folks, the infamous gift-giving holidays are near, and I'm willing to bet none of you have got your shopping done yet. With this in mind, The Crew and I though we'd give you a hand with some gift suggestions. So to help you out with your whatever-you-celebrate shopping, here is Studio Splurd's Comic Gift List for 2003.

On the top of my list is Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things by Ted Naifeh and published by Oni Press. Courtney Crumrin is a young girl who is introduced to her uncle Aloysius, an extremely powerful master of dark magic. Courtney Crumrin is written to the same maturity level as the Harry Potter books, in that it's tame enough for kids but just about anyone would have fun reading it. The story is dark but exciting, and Naifeh's artwork matches the story with a spooky elegance. Jhonen Vasquez himself called Courtney Crumrin "wickedly imaginative," among other praise, so I figure that sums it up quite well.