Some shit I’ve got to get off my chest!

posted October 17, 2002 by Josh


The past two days I was watching both Paradise Lost movies, which is the documentaries based on the Robin Hood Hills murders, and if there is one things I cant stands is somone being wrongfully accused of a crime they obviously did not commit. If you know this story already then you already know that all three of those guys are innocent, and if anything the stepfather of one of the kids, John Mark Beyers, is a very obvious suspect.

I do not have all the facts (Rather I do, I am just too lazy too type everything) you should check out the site Free The West Memphis 3and do what you can. This is a good cause to get yourself involved in and if my simple yammering is not enough to persuade you into jumping on the band wagon, artist like Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Metallica (though i still think Lars is bad), and Pearl Jam are firmly behind this like a prison inmate. Also Henry Rollins put out a cd as a way to fight using art for this whole fiasco.

Thank you for listening and try to help us at Studio Splurd Free the West Memphis Three!