Anime USA 2003

posted November 23, 2003 by Jer


Now, I consider myself to have a pretty good vocabulary, but at the moment I am at a loss for words regarding how hard Anime USA rocked this year. I met tons of cool folks, did the "Black Stick of Uselessness" rant until I couldn't talk, saw my first cosplay, danced, played some Capoera (we're everywhere!) and BSed about comics and video games with some old and some new friends until the wee hours of the morning. (Then I got up to go see my sister play harp at a totally unrelated event, but that just added to the rockitude of this weekend).

Lets see, props galore to give out. I met Shawn the Touched who's flash cartoons are so cute they'll give you diabetes. I sat next to a 17 year old artist named Sarah Myers who's been drawing since she was four and who's artwork rocked the whole artist ally. I met a man named Drew the Con-Bard who tells con-related stories for money. T Campbell got me onto the web-comics forum, marking the only time I've been on a webcomics panel since T's partner-in-crime Greg invited me to the one at Nekocon 2002. (I guess this means I need to like Faans now, but I REALLY need to have a talk with those boys about site design) At the panel I met Rob Balder, author of SplurdLinked comic Partially Clips. Back at my artist's table, I met the lovely Diana Yee, creater of SplurdLinked comic Damaged. Elsewhere in Artist's Ally, I encountered Rukis Croax who draws the proudly blasphemous webcomic Tourniquet, and subsequently presented me with this Evil Cabbit.

Later, Isoe and Geh, the ladies of Mu^2 had their cow-spotted table cloth stolen, but it was later returned due to my own indirect influence on general thieving congoers. (It was borrowed to be used as a cape). Finally, The remainder of the con was spent generally chilling out and BSing with Nickie, (a friend from VCU) her boyfriend Jarrell, and my beautiful girlfriend Lisa.

...yeah, I have a girlfriend now. It's taking a lot of getting used to after being an lonely, angsty, single artist for god-knows how many years... but it's really nice.

So yeah... good weekend. Now I just need to find the money to register for Katsucon. $30 for an artist's ally table. Shenanigans. SHENANIGANS!