NekoCon 2003

posted November 11, 2003 by Jer


NekoCon 6 kinda sucked. They actually sold out of tickets, so only those of us who pre-registered (Jenn and Me) could make it. And as I mentioned before, we didn't have an artist's table, and I discovered that I get really bored at cons when I'm not technically a part of them.

None the less, I met some cool folks. Danny was cool, as always. Shawn was also cool, in fact possibly the coolest major web-comic artist I've met in person to date. The seal of Splurd may actually make a cameo appearance in Twisted Kaiju Theater. I met a man named Michael Terracciano, who's web comic Oracle for Hire shows some promise, and I once again ran into my old friend Nicole from VCU, who's artwork as always kicks mine in the balls. (I can't get her site to work, but her comic is called Full Armour 13)

Anime USA is in a week and a half. I guess I'll be there since it's pretty much right up the street from where I live. I'm told I can still get a table, but I guess I'll have to see. Also, Katsucon is officially more expensive than Otakon. The ticket right now is $45, (the at-the-door price of Otakon) and the artist ally tables are $20. That's craptaculicious. I've been avoiding it for years, but I may have to actually start asking for donations on the Ol' splurd site. Please help me wish and/or pray that it doesn't come to that.

Update: Actually, it's $30 for an artist's table at KatsuCon.