Megatokyo and Studio Iron Cat

posted August 5, 2002 by Jer


Well, I read that Fred Gallagher of MegaTokyo is going to publish a book with Studio Iron Cat. I don't know how good of an idea that is. I'm all for web comics getting published so people can buy them and artists can make money, but Studio Iron Cat? How much money has that little experiment lost since they started up? Oh well, good luck to both Steve Bennet and Fred Gallagher. Fred really needs to make some money, and Steve's little studio really needs a hit title.

MegaTokyo being published would be great news for all hopeful comic artists, but I can't help but feel unsettled about all of this. Maybe its cuz I don't trust Steve or Fred - something about both of them creeps me out.

I will admit, though, I have a general and somewhat unfair bias against "American Anime." This is a painfully common situation, where an American artist will love Japanese comics so much that they begin to assume that they are, in fact, Japanese. At first, Fred (AKA Piro) impressed me with doing something different with this cliché. His story started out about two Americans who get stuck in Japan. He had a legitimate reason for basing his story in Japan and drawing in an "Anime" style. As the story drags on though, the innovation of it all wears thinner and thinner, and lately MegaTokyo has just been another American Anime to me. Maybe seeing it in print will change this, but only time will tell.

Say professor, what's another word for Pirate Treasure?