A letter to Republicans

posted October 17, 2003 by Seffinga


As loathe as I am to discuss politics anywhere much less in this space, the open letter to Republican's which Xrys provided I feel is something I should comment on. I consider myself quite liberal in beliefs and actions, something I'm sure the other Splurdagumi can vouche for and yet I could not ignore the huge slant from which this letter comes. If read carefully and examined for some of it's most minute details or forgettable comments one can quickly see how lop-sided and naive some of this commentary is.

The first thing I drew issue with was the fact that the letter writer (and as an open letter the writer's voice stands in for Democrats, as the recipient is, as explained, Republicans at large) as a Liberal took a working position as an intelectual (as if to signify that all Democrats are somehow completely open thinking social-workers without prejudice...a truly naive and ridiculous thought in my mind) while the Republican took a job working for Daddy (as if all people who call themselves Republicans somehow come from wealthy business-owning families and have never had to do anything realistic like look for a job-it was given to him). This is just a small part of what I found to be inherently prejudice in this letter. Too many assumptions are made about the parties as a whole and I feel that is in itself ignorant.

While I truly understand and agree with the main points about how the Republican party has been "hijacked" by some of it's extremeist members and been pushed into uncomfortable comflict with foreign nations, I find it hard to look beyond the most brutal and ingonrant message that flows throughout the entire letter, that only the Republican party is no longer looking out for the people while the Democrats are. This all boils down to just another form of finger-waving and it disgusts me that people can be so blind. Anyone in the middle to lower classes (surely everyone who posts here at Splurd)who actually thinks that either party is watching out for them is totally lost. Just as this letter states that the average Republican is being misled by their party so too is the average Democrat. In reality the people to whom the Republican and Democratic representatives (into who's hands we place our safety and well-being) must ultimately answer are the wealthy. Even under Democratic presidencies our country has given hundreds of times more welfare money to corporations (read as the same Big Businesses the letter simply associates to underhanded Republican dealings)than we have to actual social reform programs. In my opinion the Deomcratic party has been equally hijacked by those who push themselves closer and closer to stuanch Republican ideologies every day. Our presedential candidates feel and act the same up on the platform where they address the voting citizens of the United States. AS a result our country will continue to float adrift on a sea of dwindling education funds, continual employment frustrations, and political mis-steps until the parties can once again differentiate themselves. The common people, whether they regard themselves as Republican or Democrat, are being mis-represented as a whole. Perhaps, then, someone should take the time to write an open letter to them.