posted October 12, 2003 by Seffinga


Much like our super-enthusiastic friend Josh, I enjoyed the cinematic splendor that is Kill Bill, but not whole-heartedly...yet. From the killer soundtrack (Tarantino must have one monster classic rock/country collection to even think of using such gems as the Nancy Sinatra rendition of Bang Bang)to the spectacular fight choreography of Yuen Woo-Ping, I find myself marvelling at almost every visual stimulus in the film. However, as of this writing, my fascination ends there. While I'll reserve complete judgment until after Vol. 2, I couldn't help but feel at least a little underwhelmed following this first jaunt through the quest of The Bride. I'm not entirely sure about total dialogue time (I wasn't sitting there with a fuckin' stop-watch) but it seemed like there was only about 20 mins. of actual story-developing dialogue that wound up floating adrift on a sea of sword-slashin', chop-socky mayhem (not that sword-slashin', chop-socky mayhem is at all a bad thing). Right now it all feels a tad unbalanced.

I've heard it said that the first film is (now obviously) action-heavy while the second will apparently be much more story-driven and if that's the case I'm sure all will turn out fine. But until then I think a friend of mine summed up the Kill Bill Vol.1 experience quite well stating "I'm not exactly sure what happened...but I think I liked it." Unlike some, I am motivated enough to be attentive for four hours without the need for an extended break and when the complete film finally sees it's way to DVD here's hoping it is once again a united picture as that is how I would perfer to view it. Remember, a four hour film isn't necessarily bad, despite what memories of Lawrence of Arabia may indicate. Kill Bill is Rock'em Sock'em Robots cool and hopefully Tarantino's famously clever dialogue gets a chance to truly shine in Vol.2.