I am at Sixes and Sevens (by C. Haun)

posted October 15, 2002 by Jer


Unless you have read Andrews McMeel Publishing's Strip Search - Revealing Today's Best College Cartoonists, or you happened to know the artist C. Haun, you're not going to entirely get today's Backstage.

Let me explain. C. Haun used to draw a comic strip called Sixes and Sevens. Some time around 1998 or so, he submitted a few of his strips to a contest called Strip Search. He won an honorable mention in the "Other Strips" category, and as a result, 5 of his strips were published in the book Strip Search. In my opinion, he was the only artist in the entire book who was worth anything.

So I look him up, and find his website (no longer online). I read a few more strips, laugh my ass off, and write him to tell him how much his work rocks.

Sixes and Sevens is about two college age guys named Slip and Dingan who encounter an imp-like fallen angel named Robo. Beyond that, Sixes and Sevens is indescribable. Haun takes your general expectations of comic reality and swats you with them. His artwork is clean and intricate, yet his designs are cute and simplistic. This art style directly reflects the content of his strips: philosophically deep and simplistically zen at the same time. It is quite a shame he does not have his artwork online anymore, else I would point you straight there now.

C. Haun and I corresponded for a little while, but I haven't heard from him in quite some time. I drew today's Backstage with three goals in mind: (1) to plug Sixes and Sevens, (2) to make you all laugh with my standard general weirdness, and (3) to try and get C's attention. So C, if you're out there, E-mail me, man! Or if any of you folks in Cypress know C, tell him I'm lookin' for him.