Too Much Crotch

posted October 3, 2003 by Jer


Anyone who reads Backstage should know by now that Jenn and I are working on a real live STORE on Studio Splurd. We've got a bunch of toys and stuff to sell, and I've always hated both PayPal and Cafe-Press.

Anyway, the biggest point of the store is posters. Jenn especially has a huge pile of cool artwork that she's doing nothing with. Tonight however, I'm putting the finishing touches on a Studio Splurd poster. For a group shot, I TOTALLY RE-INKED the scene from this Backstage strip. I have to admit, I never realized how much I HATE drawing a webcomic until I took this on. I'm drawing this to be print quality... which means I can take the time to put detail into it that - get this: WILL ACTUALLY BE SEEN IN THE FINAL VERSION!

My only complaint with using Photoshop in print quality resolution is this: When I am working on Backstage, I always zoom to 100% to look at the whole thing. This is a bad habit to have when you suddenly switch from 72 DPI to 300 DPI, and the image I chose doesn't help matters. Every time I forget and zoom to 100%, I end up with a screen full of somebody's crotch. It's not pleasant, let me tell you.

Still though, the poster is looking amazing. I was getting so dragged down doing Backstage that I was beginning to forget that making graphic novels is what I was really meant to do.

Stay tuned for a preview of the poster. I wanna run it by the Splurdagumi first.