Penny-Arcade is now donation free

posted October 1, 2003 by Jer


I usually try to avoid writing news about the BIG comics like Penny-Arcade, but I found this kind-of cool.

Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins have developed enough advertising revenue to make a living with their web comic, thus they have decided that they no longer need to ask for old-fashioned PayPal donations. This means an end to the "Club PA" system where readers would send a donation of any size they felt was appropriate and the Penny-Arcade authors would send them a link to see bonus Penny-Arcade material. Basically, those who donated anything at all got to see Penny-Arcade's "DVD-Extras" menu for that month.

Mike Krahulik spent his news-post today thanking his readers for their support. Amidst the world's struggle to make money with the internet and many analysts saying it was actually impossible, Krahulik and Holkins somehow managed to do it. Says Krahulik, "They'll probably never realize that for a few years one of the largest gaming websites on the internet was run totally off the charity of its readers."

Personally, I think it means people aren't so bad after all, but I'm an optimist that way.