Anime USA Convention

posted October 13, 2002 by Jer


"il·lu·sive - adj. Illusory."

Wow, for all the noise you made about me being unable to spell, Chris, I kind of assumed that I, y'know, actually DID misspell illusive. Let me be the first to say HA HA! And I should probably point out that the British spelling of "program" is primarily used in American English to refer to the leaflet that is handed out at a drama or musical performance, and not for a compiled sequence of computer code designed to perform a specific action, but you already knew that. That's what I like about you, your attention to detail.

I'm just messing with Chris. It is true I can't spell at all. The main reason I haven't been handing out my rough draft of "The Elves of Iax" is that my spelling is currently an atrocity punishable by death.

Anime USA was a cute little con. It had all the stuff you'd expect, a dealers' room, a game room, Japanese animation showings, a lot of cute girls in cute costumes. I guess I'm spoiled by Otokon. I didn't find much I wanted to buy or see, I didn't know the game room was even there until I was leaving, and the dance consisted of a strobe light and a sound system that wasn't even as good as the speakers on my computer.

What was fun was Chris smuggling me and Jenn behind the artists' booth. For those of you unfamiliar, there is often an artists' room at Japanese Animation Conventions, where established and aspiring artists will sit and draw for people. Now, for those of you who are familiar with anime, you probably know Chris. You don't know it, but you know her. Over the past few years, she has covertly mingled her way into ALL the inner circles of the east coast anime conventions. So it was no big deal for her to find a place for Me and Jenn to sit and draw in a place where a fair deal of people could watch us.

This is the first time I have been on the other side of a convention, and I loved it way too much. I only wish I had done it officially and brought a lot of Splurd stuff to give people. The next con on Chris's schedule is "Neko Con" in Virginia Beach, and I think I am most definitely scheduling to get an Artist's Booth there for the Splurd crew. T-shirts might not be a bad idea either.

All kidding aside, Chris, thanks for getting us back there. It was really cool.