Malakhim - It's Like a Huge Existential Iceberg

posted September 18, 2003 by Jer


Imagine the tip of an iceberg. Now imagine that particular tip is the size of say... MT Olympus. That's what you're reading when you read Malakhim by the artist known only as Aleph.

Malakhim is a unique take on Judeo-Christian mythology, particularly that relating to angels and the war between heaven and hell. The story starts when a young, recently dead boy named Ben meets an angel (also called Aspects or Malakh- which means messenger) named Nathan. Ben then is taken on a dark, existential, almost macabre journey exploring the extent of the war between angels and demons, and the frightening answers to the reasons behind his - and everyone's - very existence.

If you can't tell already, Malakhim is very deep. The details are overwhelming at times, and every detail suggests there are a dozen more layers below it. The comic's author, Aleph, actually suffers from Asperger Syndrome, a genetic disorder of the Autism Spectrum. According to her own bio, this makes her "straightforward in a world that doesn't appreciate that anymore." The result is a comic much deeper and much more focused than most of us are used to reading. When I read Malakhim, I feel that the world the author is describing could very well be the very same one I live in, just seen from a totally different angle.

Malakhim is deep. I am quite sure that I will never see everything in this huge world that Aleph has imagined, but I guarantee I will enjoy trying—one page at a time.