On the subject of Globalisation...

posted September 16, 2003 by Jer

JerRich vs Poor

Xrys, I know you'll be all about this.

I missed the news until I listened to NPR this morning, but this past weekend's WTO Meeting ended when 22 of the worlds poorest and most agricultural (aka developing) nations banded together to become a united voice. As a big time supporter of the underdog in just about any struggle, hearing this news caused me to shout out "YEAH! FUCK YEAH! SUCK IT YOU FAT CAPITALISTIC FUCKS!"

Don't get me wrong. I don't have anything against people being rich. The problem is that people tend to get SO rich that they forget that people who aren't rich even exist, and tend to believe that their richness puts them above such troubles. Capitalism leads to such a blind-sited "Let Them Eat Cake" mentality that any hope of the bougoise voluntarily contributing to the common good is reduced to a laughable fantasy. Seeing the proletariat nations wake up and band together with a "pay attention to us or you all get NOTHING!" attitude just makes me happy.