posted September 15, 2003 by Chris


Check this out. Boycott the RIAA
This is seriously important for our culture and our generation. Support the artists who appreciate you and not the ones represented by the RIAA.

This website has a listing of record companies that are in on the scam. If the people of America STOP buying records then it'll send a message that we're fed up with this bullshit.

MP3 swapping is the best way for underground, indie and small lable artists to get their work heard across the nation. These lables do not have the power and the money to strongarm their way onto MTV or the radio. By sharing their work on mp3, fans of the music will go out and support the artists making the music. I never would have discovered my favourite band (The Crüxshadows) if a friend hadn't sent me some of their mp3s.

And you know what? I've spent hundreds of dollars on buying their stuff (seeing them in concert), and buying the cds of other bands that I've been exposed to solely through mp3s.

So FUCK the RIAA and their hypocrisy. We need to take our culture back and make it something to be proud of again.